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We are so happy to bring you, what we have been promising you! YEP! Our amazing educational video program for your school, office or social group! We did it! We created a piece that shares the importance of what it means to be seen in the media.

We asked not only the disability community for their thoughts but we asked experts in the industry! And they answered.

We have promised you this piece for over a year now and it is FINALLY here! It is ready to be screened anywhere and everywhere. But we need your help! Please download and share this informational document with your schools and community!

This cutting edge program will launch at the Matilda Jane Clothing Sales Conference on July 21st, 2016. We are so proud to share this piece with our Diamond Partner and biggest supporter first. 400 of their trunk keepers from around the country will gather for the night and MJC has asked us to be their Key Note Speaker! We can’t wait to see what this highly motivated and socially conscious sales force has to say about our amazing message!

Once the piece is launched it will be available on our website!

This Educational Program will include a 15 minute video download and curriculum for both High School and College. We hope that schools around the world share this message with their students and then participate in the curriculum to help students really understand the impact this change can have.

We are committed to helping the future change perceptions of the disability community through the advertising industry!

Now comes YOUR part! We brought you what you asked for……now we need your help! We need you to share this program with your school district. Ask for change in your own community! We are here to answer questions and are ready to deliver this program as well as share in each schools success as they complete the curriculum around it! Each school will generate their own sharable content as they participate in the program. We are SO excited to see what this initiative brings to the future of advertising! To present the CTFOB Educational Program to your school, please provide them with this downloadable informational sheet.

This is just a glimpse of the message and we hope you are dying to see more. We are ready to pave the way for more inclusion in the media and hope you are ready to help. Let’s change the way our advertising looks today and make it a beautiful canvas reflecting the people who live in our world tomorrow.


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