Changing the Face of Beauty – The Song

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e are thankful for the introduction to the very talented Maloof sisters from our friend and support Mollie Marshall. The Maloof sisters have written and performed this original composition to raise international awareness for “Changing The Face Of Beauty” and it’s worldwide campaign to excite major retailers to begin using children with disabilities, and “unique children everywhere” in their advertising. Portions of the proceeds from this song and video will be joyfully given to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

We are so grateful for their time and gift of music to our campaign. We hope you are as inspired as we were to continue to “Change the Face of Beauty”.

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  • Reid Robinson

    Thank you, #Changingthefaceofbeauty……. so inspired on so many levels:) love yall:)

  • Margie Hartigan

    Katie, how beautiful! I’m sobbing listening to the words and watching the video. It’s just incredible. The work you are accomplishing to bring this matter to the forefront of conversations is truly inspirational. You are changing the face of beauty!

  • Joanne Cahnman


  • Jil Van Cleave

    Beautiful song, beautiful Ladies, beautiful people, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!! I love this and want inclusion as well! My son Conner is so special to our Family! We are blessed with the joy of unconditional love everyday!!

  • Shareen

    This is beautiful.

  • Lisa

    Beautiful in every way!

  • Marie Driscoll

    Amazing!!! Love this!

  • silvia davis

    You ,yall doing a wonderful job !let me know if we can help you some how (Mobile,Alabama )

  • Mel

    Simply beautiful! I am so excited for you and the Changing the Face of Beauty campaign! Grace has a super fabulous mom! You are such an inspiration. Thank you for doing what you do. You make me try harder with my kiddos each and every day.

  • Aunt Liz

    So awesome!!! It’s beautiful!!

  • Joanne

    Beautiful …so we’ll written and song…brought tears…precious

  • Ms. Tracie

    Blessed to have Jim as a dear friend in my past and now in my heart. Thankful to have met his amazing daughter and talented/ loving granddaughters.
    Our world is definitely better off having Maloof hearts show the way! ♡
    Thank you ladies!

  • Jeneen Masih

    Inspired on so many levels. God works perfectly through each of us. It is so very evident in this campaign and in the God inspired music and talent of Michy and Markie Maloof. I am honored t call them both friends. I for one will do all I can to get the word out abut this very important campaign. Thank you for sharing.


    Keep on working, gгeat job!

  • Kristin Donovan-Burns

    Absolutely Beautiful!

  • Darlene Penn

    Amazing and Beautiful ALLWAYS is our “Special Gift” from God!! 🙂

  • Cherie Leach

    Positively Wonderfully Uplifting & Inspiring lyrics & composition.
    I hope The Maloof Sisters continue on & on, everyone, young girls
    especially need to listen & more importantly HEAR & FEEL this song.
    BRAVO, deserving of a Standing Ovation!

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