Mario Tricoci Headshot Clinic A Huge Success!

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On June 23rd, 2016, Changing the Face of Beauty set up at Mario Tricoci in Orland Park, IL to show the local area how willing and able kids and young adults with disabilities are and how important it is to them to be seen in the general media.

Changing the Face of Beauty advocates for the inclusion of the disability community in media and advertising.  We believe it is important now more then ever, for all people of all abilities to be seen and valued in the general media all the time.  We also understand there is a huge gap of representation of people with disabilities in local talent firms around the world.  We need to change that. That is the only way the shift in the industry will continue. It takes advertising firms understanding the value of this extremely large community of people and it takes talent firms stepping up and carrying disability talent in their portfolios. We are committed to encouraging both. We are committed to showing this industry how easy it is to change.

Mario Tricoci made this easy to do.  The stylists immediately raised their hands to donate their time to help us communicate this message.  With hair and makeup done by one of the most iconic salons in Chicago we knew these participants would look fantastic!  The photographers Jeff Millies  and Carrie Paterna put their heart into the project to ensure that all of the participants left with quality head shots and a fantastic experience!

These events give the families the encouragement to contact local firms and ask for representation.  They give them the little extra push that says it is ok to ask for more representation.  It also gives Changing the Face of Beauty the funding and the imagery to continue to grow this message. Our hope is that through this imagery we can continue to show the world just how beautiful, able and deserving the disability community  is.  Who wouldn’t want these participants representing their brands?

We have headshot clinics popping up all over the country!  It is amazing to see! If you are interested in being a part please check out our locations and sign up! Most sell out so get your spot now!

The cool part is you can sponsor a child for a clinic if you like!  Just go to the clinic of your choice and plug in Donation in the First and Last name and a child will receive a clinic in honor of YOUR donation.

If you want to HOST a clinic in your area, we want to come to your town!  Contact us at and we will send you all the information!

Head shot clinic is not possible in your town?  Check out our line of t-shirts and wear the change proudly!  If you are not info t-shirts you can always make a general donation to help us travel and grow here.

It takes a village to change the world and we are sure happy you are part of ours.


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