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Here we are on the cusp of one of the biggest advertising days of the year here in the United States.  The Super Bowl.  I have been googling and searching, along with watching as many commercials as I can to find.   I eat, breathe and sleep the thought of people with disabilities being seen all the time, especially in advertising.  I anticipate each year that retailers will be a little more aware then the year before.  I mean come on we have over 30,000 people following us on social media.  The recent HuffPost Rise video reached 2 million people and counting.  The world has to know that Changing the Face of Beauty is here to stay, right?  Well I also know that 30,000 followers is a drop in the bucket.  2 Million views seems like a whole lot but when you compare it to how many people live in this country or in this world, well that is nothing.

People say to me all the time, disability is part of the “norm” in the advertising world these days and I have to challenge them to name 5 companies who include models with disabilities on a regular basis.  It stumps them every time.

Truth is, there aren’t 5 companies who consider people with disabilities when planning their marketing message reguarly.

Crazy right?

This needs to change and events like the Super Bowl help move that change a little closer.


Because people care when they are enjoying commercials with their friends and family on game day,  They notice commercials that are reflective of what they look like or what their family looks like.

We as a culture are “tuned in” to these media strong events and we react.  There are conversations around companies that remembered to include the largest minority in the world.  It seems to strange to say that doesn’t it?  People with disabilities make up the largest minority yet they are continually the least represented.  I mean we can’t name 5 companies who include this community regularly.  Just doesn’t seem right.

We are going to change that though.  We are going to change that together.

How can you help?

1/ You can encourage your friends and family to pay attention to companies that do include and talk about it when they do.

2/ You can follow our social media channels.  Those numbers matter.  They say we stand together and want more.

(facebook, twitter, instagram)

3/ Ask the question to your retailers.  Where are all your consumers?

4/ Make a big deal when 4 companies include the disability community in advertising during the Super Bowl, like they did last year.  That is the most ever to be included in one Super Bowl game.  Yes.  It took till 2015 for 4 companies to include the disability community and we celebrate those victories together.

5/ Keep asking for more so the industry remembers that this is not a fad.  This inclusion is here to stay because it does matter.  It matters that my daughter, my friends and my family feel represented.  I hope it matters to you and yours too.

I thought I would share a little recap of Super Bowl 2015.

1/ McDonalds – #Paywithlovin


2/ Toyota – #HowGreatIAm


3/ Microsoft

4/ Reebok – #BeMoreHuman


We are super pumped about the new AXE ad for this years game!

AND SunTrust knocked it out of the park this year!


Don’t forget to review the above ways we can all encourage more inclusion in our advertising world.  Lets work together and keep the conversation going.  2016 is about bridging the gap between being seen and not being seen.


So ask for help to “#bridgethegap to #changingthefaceofbeauty”.

The future needs a foundation to grow into the best possible people they can be.  Being seen is a part of that success!


Much Love – Katie

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  • Brooke Daly

    Awesome! I love this whole article! Will you also be sharing this on FB because I would love to share it! ❤️

    • Katie Driscoll

      Hi Brooke! Yes it is on Facebook. Feel free to share. Thank you!

  • Gina

    Hi Katie, my daughter has a prosthetic left leg and she is 7. She plays soccer, softball, golf and is a good gymnast. I have been trying to get her involved in something like this. Please let me know if there are any opportunities for her in the future. Thanks!

  • Candi Hill

    As a grandmother/mother to a son with dwarfism, this makes me so happy he is growing up in a world that celebrates difference. We have a long way to go to get everyone on board – but we are winning them over one person at a time with his magnetic smile.

    Thank you!!!

  • Kim Barfield

    This is fabulous!!! I have a beautiful nine year old princess with Spina Bifida that is in a wheelchair! Thanks for all you’re doing ?

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