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We are so excited about 2016 here at Changing The Face of Beauty!  At the end of last year we asked the world for 15 companies to commit to using models with disabilities and ended up with alittle over 100 in 4 countries! How is that for success?

We are not done yet!  With 254 billion companies in the world we have along way to go!  We are up for the challenge. We believe everyone should feel represented in our world and the only way to be seen is to be a part of our huge media voice we call ADVERTISING.  Don’t you agree?

We are asking each and every one of you to ask your retailers #whosnext ?  Who will be the next company to partner with #changingthefaceofbeauty !  We can’t wait to find out!

And today we are kicking it off with these gorgeous girls asking the same question to their favorite retailers!

Bella and Violet are asking #whosnext at their recent photo shoot with photographer Susan Ogar. We love to see models with all abilities in advertising and we are working hard to help change the face of beauty!

They are asking  persnickety, kai and livie&luca to join with CTFOB to help change the landscape of advertising!

Bella and Violet 1 Bella and Violet 2 Bella and Violet 3 Bella and Violet 4 Bella and Violet 6 Bella and Violet 7

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So feel free to snap a picture of yourself or even the front of a store and cut and paste this….

Hey (retailer) #whosnext is that you?  We know you value all your consumers!  Won’t you help us change the landscape of advertising and partner with #changingthefaceofbeauty to make sure that people with disabilities are included in advertising all the time?  It’s time for change and we believe you can help us make that happen.


We are so excited to join together with all of you to make 2016 the most amazing year yet!  We will be sharing and reposting as you participate! Ready.set.go!


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  • Shannon Overdahl

    This is fantastic!!!

  • Vicki Booth

    This is fantastic! And I would definitely shop at businesses, and buy from companies, that use diversity in their advertising! Consumers have power. If we show that we give preference to companies that use diversity in advertising, there will be diversity in advertising.

  • Gerri

    It’s about time. We are all beautiful in our own special way. Love it!!!!

  • paula

    Ck ou my son Tucker. He is a big consumer of cds, movies, and clothes. He would love to help change the face of beauty by offering his services as model or photographer. A winning smile is always beautiful.

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