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There are projects that come to me that get me really excited and this was one of them.  A couple months ago Hooligans magazine called and told me about a project they had been given.   They explained 3 fantastic photographers had been chosen and would be photographing the brand for their holiday issue.  They proceeded to tell me that Eliza Logan, a photographer in LA wanted to bring in the message behind CTFOB.  The message of, all children are able and beautiful.  At that moment I committed to both Hooligans and Eliza that I would find the perfect model for them.  We did just that and Brynlee performed in front of Elizas camera just as all the other girls.




Brynlee “Changed the Face of Beauty” that day and the images have inspired us.  They remind us that anything is possible.  And since I laid my eyes on them I have been even more motivated to keep asking for more.

Eliza Logan (Photographer) “I allowed myself to be inspired by the clothing directly. I wanted to look at the designs without putting them into any preconceived context. To me this collection is full of celestial references- golden stars, futuristic cuts. I created a concept, where the kids are transformed into elusive, celestial beings, who are as delicate as they are strong. This collection is full of truly iconic pieces. From the black and gold dress to the quilted pants and top- every item photographs beautifully and creates the character I envisioned.”

I immediately sent the imagers to our board and the responses were “speechless” “impeccable” “stunning”!  But the response that meant the most was “This, this is how we want the community of children with disabilities to be perceived.  Beautiful, strong, courageous and ABLE.

Dream come true!  Will this change their future advertising campaigns?  We sure hope so.  We have to think, visualizing the result is nothing less than a “Fact” of what IS  possible.

The time is now friends.  2015 has been amazing……2016 is going to be out of this world.  There is no room for anything less then success.

Want to see the whole shoot?  Check out the FREE link to the digital version of Hooligans Magazine.

I challenge you all to reach out to the  Hooligans Magazine and share your thoughts because you know what?  They matter.  Change happens because you ask for it.  Let them know that you appreciate the brand believing in magazines and photographers who push for change.  Who ask for change.   Because without them none of this would have been possible.

A huge thank you to Eliza Logan PhotographyMakeup: Martin Lane Christopher 

Assistant: September Dawn Bottoms
Models: Brynlee, Kaitlyn, Leah and Lucy
Shoes: Nina Shoes
Together, all of us, Changed the Face of Beauty this week.  We changed the perception of what others might think of when they see a child in a wheelchair and that is success. – Katie Driscoll


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  • Mary

    It was so inspiring and awesome to see Brynlee come in for the shoot. My daughter Leah had her photo session an hour before Brynlee so we were there when she came in and even my little girl said to me as we were walking back to our car “Mom, that’s so cool that Brynlee gets to do this too!” I hope this industry start to branch out more like Eliza and Kardashians. Keep doing what you’re doing!!!

  • Carla Morell

    As a mother of a child with disabilities, I truly admire what CTFOB organization is doing. Our kids are just that kids, kids like any other kid. They laugh, giggle and cry just like everyone else and that’s the way we want the rest of the world to see them…equal!

  • Nerida Lamprill

    This is fantastic, very excited to see the Fashion world changing and starting to be inclusive.
    We have written a book “love my shape”on personal styling with images all of young girls with a disability that anyone can use to encourage our girls to value them self and push and advocate to be included in the fashion world . It shows women that disability or not we have a lot in common and breaks down ignorance.
    We are hoping this book will also show fashion labels just how amazing our girls are and well they photograph which is evident in this picture.Well done again, so excited to see this

  • Heather Likes

    Brynlee inspires me on a constant basis, but to see organizations put things like this together to allow the world to see how amazing she and ALL kids are makes my heart happy. Props to Kardashians and CTFOB for partnering up and making it happen!

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