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Changing the Face of Beauty is proud advocate for the inclusion of the disability community in media and advertising. Media and advertising remains the loudest and most influential voice in the world and capturing a portion of that voice for the disability community will have an astounding impact on the future of people living with disabilities.

It is a priority to have this conversation with the world, to have Changing the Face of Beauty’s mission being heard, and to ensure the disability community is not left out. We need your help, We need your support and together we will CHANGE THE FACE OF BEAUTY!

People with disabilities are the world’s largest minority group – there are more than 1 billion individuals with disabilities around the world and 57 million in the United States. However, people with disabilities are virtually invisible in media and advertising. Of the approximately 125 million companies in the world, only a handful represent people with disabilities in their advertising and the time is now to change that, TOGETHER, we can change that!

Support #CTFOB in our efforts to disrupt the way advertising and marketing is done today and advocate for equal representation for all abilities.

Ways to Help:

At Changing the Face of Beauty, we appreciate any help we can get to advocate for inclusion. Below you will find a few ways you can help that will allow our organization grow and our mission to be sustainable! Thank you in advance for all you do to support our cause.


In order to succeed in our mission, we need your help! Please consider a general donation to Changing the Face of Beauty.


100% of all proceeds from our store go back into supporting the Changing the Face of Beauty Mission. Help out, and look good!


Our Partners are what has allowed Changing the Face of Beauty to grow so quickly. The more partners we have the greater chance for results.

Can’t financially donate to Changing the Face of Beauty? Donate your time and organize a CTFOB Headshot Clinic. Message Us and ask to learn more!

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