Our 2016 Changing The Face of Beauty campaign is a celebration of uniqueness and individualism.

Various beliefs, traditions, and appearances make this world a rich and beautiful place, and it is time to create campaigns featuring models who are unique and different but share a common ground. The common ground and brand in the spotlight this season is the GAP.



Its universal appeal is its cool and casual style. It does not cater to a niche audience, but it recognizes that their audience is full of unique individuals. The brand is about being true and comfortable; it’s about being your true, authentic self. Known for using a diverse mix of celebrities with unique talents in their seasonal advertising, we re-imagined what a GAP campaign could look like if they went a step further, choosing to cast everyday people with unique talents who represent a universal palette of individuals.

Our hashtag #bridgethegap is an overarching call to action for advertisers and brand managers to think more creatively about who their target audience really is, and what “brand aspiration” really means.

We love brands that have strong points of view, as they must in order to remain unique and profitable. However, the strategic and creative teams of these brands must be challenged to expand the vision for their brand aesthetic, especially when the brand has a mass consumer appeal. To reach us all, they must combine uniqueness with inclusiveness. It inspires us, and it connects us with their brands.


Beauty and aspirational casting does not have one face or body any more. Consumers are telling brands that they love images that reflect their unique selves as well as their diverse peers. They want to be inspired and to aspire, and seeing all of the unique individuals who share their connection to a brand that they love inspires them to believe in themselves and their aspirations. It makes brands feel friendlier and more personal. It also makes us feel that the brand “gets” us. It’s time for brands to think more creatively on how to keep their unique identity, and it is time to recognize the uniqueness and the beauty of all of their many loyal customers.


Daunette – no agency
Nick – Salt Model & Talent
Ben – Chosen Model Atlanta
Nicole – Factor Women Atlanta
Kendra – Industry Direct Model & Talent
Jalen – Industry Direct Model & Talent
Emma – No agency
Jeremiah – Industry Direct Model & Talent
LIlly – Ursula Wiedmann Models


Creative Director: Jennifer Padgett Hemsley, <a href=”http://jphcreative.net”>jphcreative.net</a>
Copywriter: Acree Macam
Photographer: Laretta Houston, <a href=”http://larettahouston.com”>larettahouston.com</a>
Make up and Hair: Jamie Kimbrough
Wardrobe: Leann Saam

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