GAP Miami and Changing the Face of Beauty

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Images used from Gap.

W e are extremely honored to be asked by the management of the GAP store on Lincoln in Miami, Florida to bring 10 girls who represent the mission behind “Changing the Face of Beauty” .  They felt our message strongly correlated with this new lifestyle brand collaboration with Ellen DeGeneres.  We of course said YES!


Picture from Vogue/Gap

There are brands in our country that use their images to send messages loud and clear to the youth they dress.  GAP is one of those brands.  We have been waiting for the opportunity to really show them what it means to the millions of young people out there that happen to have a difference to be seen, by them.  Advertising is about selling a product, we know that.  It is also about connecting with consumers, you know that.  Except for some reason the community of people with disabilities are completely forgotten.  Not on purpose, which is the most boggling thing.  Companies don’t sit down and say no to approximately 20% of the population, it is worse.  They are not even thought about.  Rarely even brought to the table.  That is why this opportunity maybe small but we will invest our energy to make it bigger then ever.  It is important.


Image from Gap.

We will take this event and show Gap what is possible.  We will prove to them AND Ellen, just how easy it is to make sure that everyone is included in their brand messaging.  We know they will be influenced.

This sounds simple right?  Well it isn’t.  It has taken 3 years to get where we are today and it could take 3 more to make a real impact on the advertising landscape but this is an opportunity.  A great opportunity to make a statement so that is what we will do.

I plan to join board member Kelle Hampton next saturday at Gap Miami along side 10 amazing girls and show Gap just what is possible.  But before that, we need your help.


Images from Gap.


We need 10 “Power Girls” to join us!  Can you help us find them in a week.  I have to believe you can.

We need 10 girls, sizes 6-14.  They must be local or be able to travel there on their own to the Miami Gap store on August 22nd from 2-5pm.

If you know a girl who would be a perfect fit REGARDLESS of her ability contact us at [email protected]

Please send a picture, their size, contact phone number and most importantly their story.  We want to hear why they are a power girl.  What are they doing to make this world more exciting with their unique talents!  Girls will be chosen by Tuesday for Saturdays show.

Can you help us find these gals?  We need your help because we ARE going to change the face of beauty once again.  Ready.Set.GO!

Love – Katie

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  • jackie

    If you have anything in Tampa area my granddaughter would love to be a part if changing the face of beauty

  • Carol Hyndman

    Please contact us so we might get our amazing son with ds involved in a campaign such as this.
    Thank you!
    Carol and Aaron Hyndman

  • Farrah Sjodin

    All I can say is I am absolutely inspired and moved by what you are doing. My daughter Ella is only 6 weeks old and was born with Down syndrome and I notice every day how she is never represented on TV or in ads. It breaks my heart to think that she won’t be able to relate to what she sees or feel accepted by the world because she doesn’t look exactly like the girls in the ads. What you are doing is so important and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for fighting for my little Ella and every person like her. Thank God for angels like you!

  • Valerie kretchmer

    Congrats to all the girls chosen to represent these amazing kids! would like to know of any future events; my daughter would love to do this!

  • Carol

    Just wondering why there was no opportunity given to boys with special needs?

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