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Changing the Face of Beauty launched a social media campaign called #15in2015 on Nov 1st, 2014.


e encouraged families and friends to call out their favorite retailers with a video or a picture and ask them to include models of all abilities in their advertising. We believe the more consumers who ask for change the greater possibility change will actually happen. In December after beautiful Izzy was featured her mom, Heather Bradley of DSDN reached out to push this campaign further. It was important to her that people continued to talk about the future and not just how awesome Izzy looked in the Target Flyer. We could not have agreed more. Together with DSDN we pushed the social media movement globally. We now are encouraging companies in the UK, Australia AND the United States.

So take the challenge. You don’t have to have a child or a loved one with a disability. You don’t have to have a disability yourself. ANYONE can take a stand for the largest minority in the world and ask that our media and advertising include them. It takes 2 seconds and a Facebook or twitter account! That is it! A video or a picture with a message to a retailer saying…

Hey (your favorite retailer) #IMREADY for change. We want YOU to include models with disabilities in 2015. We want YOU to be part of the #15in2015 . 15 retailers including models with disabilities in 2015. We know you see us. Represent us.

Here is an example.

So lets do this! Lets double and triple this list!

We are on ELLENTUBE! Stop by and let Ellen know we need her help!
We all have a voice and it is super loud when we work together!
Representation for individuals living with disabilites in the media means jobs in the future! That means a brighter world for all of us.


OX Katie

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  • Angie West

    Love this. Having a 16 year old daughter with Down, it always bothered myself and her two slightly older sisters that there were no models that looked like her. She would watch the runway shows with her sisters and learn how to “work it girl”. Her personality is bigger than any room you will walk into and we are so glad she is ours to share with the world.

  • Lisa

    My daughters both have cleft lip and palate. I know they would love to see someone like them when looking at clothing advertisement as well as other items they offer for pre teen girls. I find this idea wonderful and would love to participate in any way I can!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Mindi

    This campaign is so needed to bring awareness that ALL people are beautiful and it doesn’t depend on a certain look. My daughter has a very large birthmark on the front of her neck between her chest and chin and a boy in her 2nd grade class told her in front of the entire class while touching it with his hand that, “She really needed to get that fixed!” The teacher did nothing, so my daughter stood up and as she drew an outline of his entire body with her index finger, she informed him, “You really need to get all of that fixed!” And that’s right, people really do need to get their minds “fixed” and quit stereotyping what beauty is, for there is beauty in all of us. Minds can’t be changed when the world never sees these children. Everyone has value and there is no perfect life or perfect look.

  • Martha

    I love this, but let’s not limit this to kids. Adult models with disabilities would be awesome too! 🙂

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