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We are thrilled by the support of companies across the globe!  We would not be able to Change the Face of Beauty without the commitment of these companies to include models with visible differences in their 2015 advertising.  We hope through this effort people living with a disability or a visible difference feel they are seen and represented in the world they are living in.

Please support these companies while you are shopping.  They are all proud to be a part of this movement and letting them know what it means to you means a great deal to them.  Help us continue to encourage retailers to want to be a part of really changing the landscape of advertising.  We can all work together Changing the Face of Beauty one model at a time.

United States                                                         

1/ Infantino

2/ Livie and Luca

3/ Andy and Evan

4/ Matilda Jane Clothing

5/ Teryelle Girls

6/ Katie Kalsi

7/ North American Bear

8/ Monica + Andy

9/ Sweet Petunia

10/ Lilli Lovbird

11/ Liberts

12/ Freckles + Kitty

13/ The Good Ones

14/ Knickernappies

15/ June Park

16/ the

17/ The Talking Shirt

18/ Little Cotton Dress

19/ Heather Hill Clothing

20/ Poppyseed Boutique

21/ EZ-PZ

22/ Measure

23/ Steam Couture

24/ bellalulubaby

25/ Acorn & Leaf

26/ Learning Express Toys

27/ Jessy and Jack

28/ Dandylions

29/ The Bowtie Kids

30/ Quirkie Kids

31/ Evalina

32/ One Good Thread

33/ Neatcheeks

34/ Gentille Alouette

35/ SEAM

36/ Frolic

37/ Adorable Essential

38/ Modern Burlap

39/ Step2

40/ Kpea Originals

41/ The Little Gym

42/ Teeny Bee Boutique

43/ Ramble on Pearl

44/ Ruffle Girl

45/ Green Blooded

46/ GroVia

47/ Lulu and Roo

48/ Smockingbird

49/ Fayvel

50/ The Tomboy Shop

51/  Crush Boutique

52/ Ultra Violet Baby

53/ Carrie Hammer

54/ Oil and Water

55/ Poco and Picotine

56/ Oly & Fox

57/ Twin Stars Jewlery Group

58/ Pirapir

59/ The Camo Queen

60/ Eagle Eye Outfitters

61/ The Crazy Kukla Boutique

62/ Rockin’ Baby

63/ Screaming Owl

64/ Smockingbird

65/ AC Moore

66/ juDanzy

67/ Miniscraps

68/ Prep Cosmetics

69/ Cha Cha Louise

70/ Baby Banz

71/ Princess Awesome

72/ Tink and Key

73/ VeryChicBaby

74/ Bose and Pose

75/ Ooo Lola Boutique

76/ see kai run

77/ Flower Boutique Hartford

78/ buddingSTEM

79/ frekuhl

80/ Rosie Posie Prettie

81/ Britches n Bloomers

82/ Acres of Memories

83/ Bowtique

84/ Five Little Monkeys Designs

85/ Sutton’s Buttons

86/ Zulily

87/ Elements

88/ Land O’Frost

89/  Sundara

United Kingdom

1/ Huggy & Me

2/ Molly Coddle



1/eeni meeni miini moh

2/ Bibska Bibs

3/ Freestyle Kids

4/ Oobi

5/ Wilson and Frenchy

6/ Willow and Bee

7/ Baby Hot Wax

8/ rupert & milla

9/ Oly & fox

10/ Lacy Lane

11/ Lil Ludy

12/ Two Little Chooks



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  • Starting With Julius

    Starting With Julius (Australia) are very proud to have partnered with Changing The Face of Beauty for the Australian part of this global movement and we would like to extend our warm congratulations to all our friends across the continents, including all the companies that have joined from the US and the UK and every single person who has been behind #imreadyAUS #imready and #imreadyUK calling out to their brands to make this possible! xSWJ

  • Wanda Gaines

    I am the Founder and CEO of a brand name company “Camo Queen”. It is an apparel line for all elegant outdoor women. We proudly highlight individuals with disabilities while promoting our products. In fact, one of our pro-staff persons has a disability (cerebral palsy) and gets around in a wheelchair.

  • We are very exited to be part of this campaign. Thank you for your support!

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