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H ello!  We are back from Miami, Florida and in our chairs feeling all the goodness that happened in one Gap store on Lincoln road just a short week ago.  I am not sure I can even contain the emotion that was felt that Saturday afternoon.  It was exceptional.  We remain honored to have partnered with Gap’s flagship store in Miami and the new lifestyle brand collaboration with Ellen DeGeneres.

It was a dream come true!  A national chain retailer that values positive imagery featuring amazing kids that wear their clothing and Ellen DeGeneres, a beautiful women who believes in people.  All people.  We knew this was a local opportunity but we put our heads together and made it extra special!  SO special they were talking about it in Zimbabwe.  YES! Conversation about our collaboration with this one amazing Gap store made national news.


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We knew we had important work to do and that is exactly what we did.  Gap Lincoln asked us to bring 10-15 girls and we showed up.  We brought girls from Miami (thank you MP MEGA MIAMI) and across the nation.  That’s right, Moms and Dads from all over dropped what they were doing and showed up.  They flew in to help us show Gap and the WORLD what is possible when you include everyone on your advertising platform!  It was a fashion show release party in one location but I think we delivered that message across the whole company.  I think they heard us.  What do you think?

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We could not have done this alone.  Gap on Lincoln delivered too.  They dove in head first and never looked back.  They hugged, styled and celebrated all 15 of these girls and at the end of the event the smiles on their faces were nearly impossible to capture.  Families left that day with a new idea of what is possible, they left with the question, whats next?  They want more.  So do we.

When opportunity is presented we take it.  We redefine the box that beautiful fits so tightly inside.  We push on the sides that act as barriers and expand them to include all people.  People living with a disability are one of the largest minorities in the world.  They are.  It is a fact.  Yet they are not considered while going down the diversity check list.  I think we grabbed a whole new population of people who are scratching their heads right now and asking the question, why?  Why aren’t they considered and we are glad to hear they are talking about it!

You know why?  Because this gives US a new platform!  A platform to ask “Who’s Next?”  Who is it?  Who is the next retailer to join us, while standing up for real diversity.  The diversity that doesn’t leave the largest minority out. The diversity that sees the world as it exists!  We can’t wait to see who that is!

We are working hard to get our launch of 2016 “Proud Participating Partners” together!  These companies will be partnering with us to work on important initiatives like disability stock imagery and the message that is going into schools, challenging them to think about what is possible when everyone is seen.  We are ready!

So can you help us ask the question?  Who is next?  Who is ready to partner with us and show the world what is possible.  We have shown you what we can do and our creative ideas are limitless.

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YOU want to join our team of partnering companies?  Are YOU ready to be the change that our world wants?

We are asking “Who’s Next”  #whosnext


Love – Katie

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  • Patty Morgan

    FANTASTIC NEWS!!!! I don’t have a business but my son has Down syndrome. And we loved seeing all the pictures! Continued success!!

  • Karen Prewitt

    A mom of a young woman with Ds (who has her own cooking show-rock on!) and I were tweeting about all this terrific awareness, and true CHANGE in perceptions that is happening because of this campaign. Excited to see things happening. Keep up the great work!

  • Julie Gerhart-Rothholz

    I so love the energy and amazing coverage that came out of this event. #Whosnext is right, but so is #votewithyourwallet. I am pledging to reduce purchases from the companies who ignore repeated requests for inclusive advertising and to increase purchases at the companies that have inclusive advertising. I just bought shoes from Livie & Luca & clothes from The Gap. I hope that the list of inclusive advertisers grows, and until it does, the companies who are already being inclusive will get more of my business.

  • amanda

    My son does not have down syndrome but we would love to see more children with feeding tubes just like him and many others in the world.

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