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My husband said to me this morning “If you want a fire you have to have a spark“.

This was in response to the story I shared with him about this little boy (below) and a Kohl’s advertisement this past Sunday.  He is right!  Without the spark we can not have a fire and this definitely is a fire!


Picture provided by Beth.

I receive letters all the time from parents asking about modeling opporutnities for their loved ones. They want to know who they can contact and how their child can be the next face of a major retailer. I explain we are the movement that helps create these opportunities. Although, sometimes I get letters from moms who just specifically want to help. They want more opportunities for their children and they want to help CHANGE the face of beauty. That letter came from Julie Rothholtz.


Julie made it her mission to spread the conversation about “Changing the Face of Beauty”.  She heard our message and immediately believed in the importance of our mission. So much so that she wrote to numerous fortune 500 companies and spread our message of Changing the Face of Beauty and guess what? They responded.

2 of the major retailers, Little Gym and AC Moore are now “Proud Participating Companies” of Changing the Face of Beauty and have included models with disabilities in 2015 and continue to do so.


I am a huge believer of the saying “It takes a village” because I am well aware that this change does not come from just one person. It comes from people who BELIEVE that change is possible. If we want more inclusion we have to demand it.  Julie does just that with her letters and this past April she did just that with Kohls and they responded. Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 8.03.37 AM

In the meantime Beth Wisniewski, mom of Henry (boy pictured in this weeks Kohls advertisement) believed her son was perfect for the advertising world.  She says this.


“The process, start to finish, was as it was for most pint-sized models; I used a contact to get Henry’s picture to the company.  They liked Henry’s picture but required a local agency sign him first.  Kohl’s was kind enough to provide an introduction to an agency.  Henry was accepted, and was booked from there.  We have also taken him to an audition in Chicago.  Henry is just another kiddo model for this agency.  Which I LOVE and is as it should be.”

And this is what happened because 2 moms believed in their sons future and the future of “Changing the Face of Beauty”.


Picture taken from Beths Facebook page.

We have to stand together, write a letter, support the mission and push forward as a unified group. Children with disabilities deserve to be seen because as we all know they are more alike then different. Changing the Face of Beauty hopes that you feel our force and want to be a part of it. We believe with all our hearts that this change is possible.


As we enter 2016 we stand with our partners and will continue to educate our advertising world in all areas. Marketing firms, Staffing/Talent Agencies, and Retailers. This industry is ready for change but we need YOU, all of you, invested in making sure the future is more inclusive.

Here are some ways to help.

1/ Write letters telling retailers about the need for Changing the Face of Beauty across all areas of advertising.


2/ Post images and conversations on your social media about #changingthefaceofbeauty and the need for more education about the importance of inclusion in media and advertising.


3/ Support the campaign and encourage others to partner with us to make this world more united through advertising imagery.


Together we can ensure that no one feels left out. Together we can change the world.



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  • Julie Gerhart-Rothholz

    I am so happy to have brought some companies to Changing the Face of Beauty. People with disabilities are the largest minority, they’re brand loyal, and collectively they have billions in discretionary money. They also shop at the same places and buy the same things that those without disabilities do. But they’re nearly always left out of advertising. Send an email, post on Facebook, Tweet, post on Instagram. Think about the companies you purchase from and take a moment to let them know that all their customers should be represented. A.C Moore joined Changing the Face of Beauty just hours after I sent an email to their contact us box on their website. One email, tweet, post, or pic can make a difference.

  • Sandy Hervat

    Way to go KOHLS………always have believed in their top quality business….cups for furthering your fabulous reputation!

  • Melissa Greeson

    This story is beautiful. Raising a child with disabilities has been a social challenge with acceptance being hard to find. I am so happy that someone is speaking up for these children as they are all so beautiful.

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